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CARE Office

Campus Advocacy, Resources and Education (CARE) provides prevention education for the UC Merced community to achieve an environment free from the threat of sexual violence, dating/domestic violence and stalking. CARE provides free, confidential and knowledgeable support for those impacted by sexual violence, dating/domestic violence and stalking. CARE encourage the UC Merced community to step in and speak up against a culture that allows sexual violence, dating/domestic violence and stalking to occur.

Disability Accommodations

UC Merced Student Accessibility Services exists to ensure the institution has a mechanism for students, staff and faculty to provide equal access to education for students living with disabilities.  UC Merced Disability Management Services provides services to all employees in need of reasonable accommodation for a health condition or religious belief in order to perform the essential functions of their jobs.  

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

We welcome students and faculty and staff members from all backgrounds, and our goal is that everyone here feels respected and valued. That philosophy is at the core of what we do.

UC Merced has a compelling interest to ensure people from all walks of life understand that access to the university is possible and strongly promoted. The campus community has undertaken numerous activities and initiatives to enhance and improve an already strong culture of inclusion.

Information, Privacy and Security

The UC Merced makes every effort to respect the privacy of individuals. The right to privacy is declared in the California Constitution and as such, our campus makes every effort to integrate best practices at all levels across the organization.

INSIGHT Employee Assistance Program

INSIGHT offers employees and their household dependents three counseling sessions every six months with a licensed professional to assist with work/life concerns. Employees are also entitled to a free 30-minute legal and financial consultation. All services are private and confidential.

Lactation Accommodations

These are private, clean and safe areas for the purpose of expressing breast milk and/or breastfeeding. The space will be in close proximity to the nursing mother’s work area, generally not more than a 5 to 7 minute walk. Find more information on the Human Resources website and the CARE office website.

Office of the Ombuds

The Office of the Ombuds is designed to serve as a safe, alternative channel for confidential, neutral and informal dispute resolution services. Faculty, lecturers, postdoctoral scholars, staff, students and anyone else with a campus-related concern may use the Office of the Ombuds to discuss workplace issues, interpersonal conflicts, academic concerns, bureaucratic slow-downs and other problems. Ombuds services are always voluntary and reports do not constitute a formal notice to the university.